Please join Pregnancy and Family Resource Alliance (PAFRA) as we partner with Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC) to provide a meaningful Tallahassee experience by allowing your voice and views to be heard by legislators.

As a pro-life ministry, the advantage of participating as a part of PAFRA in Celebrate Life Days @ The Capitol is that we will include you in one of our small teams to visit several legislators. You will have an opportunity to share the good work pregnancy centers provide for our Florida communities and will still be able to participate in most of Florida Family Policy Council’s activities.  Note: PAFRA will make meetings with as many legislators as possible. Your appointments will be made for you by PAFRA instead of FFPC.

There are two separate registrations, one for PAFRA and one for FFPC.  Please sign up for both.  If you have any questions, please call 850-759-4142  or email at

Many changes have been made this past election, so please check the following  before completing your registration:

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Florida Family Policy Council

If you have not already registered with Florida Family Policy Council’s Pro-Family Days at the Capitol, register at  Pro-Family Days event (also link to information) in Tallahassee on March 27-28, 2023. There is a cost associated with this registration.  IMPORTANT:  When you register, please select PAFRA as the organization you are participating with.  Note: If you are able to attend Monday & Tuesday, we suggest that you select the Full Two-Day Package option.  At the end of the checkout process, you will need to check the box next to “Accept Terms & Conditions”. 

Guest Speakers include Chloe Colethe 18-year-old who had a double mastectomy at 15 and who is now on a mission to protect children from gender affirming “care” and Dr. William Lile, “Pro-Life Doc”, who in 1999 took over the largest provider of abortions in Pensacola, FL.  On the very first day, all abortions were stopped and he turned all the former abortion equipment in the facility into educational material to show people how brutal abortions are.  He now spends a great deal of his time educating people on how “a life is a life, no matter how small” as he says.  Dr. Lile will be giving a very educational talk on abortion, the chemical abortion pill, and how he is currently treating pre-born patients in the womb with extraordinary procedures, including open heart surgery.

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Many changes have been made this past election, so please check before entering the information below:

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The Pregnancy and Family Resource Alliance of Florida, Inc. (PAFRA) is a 501(c)(4) nonpartisan, nonprofit statewide advocacy organization, representing pregnancy and family resource centers and adoption agencies across Florida. PAFRA’s mission is to promote public and governmental awareness of the beneficial role of pregnancy and family resource centers in supporting pregnant women and their families and to strengthen Florida communities. The alliance provides a unified voice through coordinated communications and legislative advocacy on behalf of Florida pregnancy and resource centers and adoption agencies.

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