Become A Strategic Partner

PAFRA welcomes individuals, families, pro-life ministries, businesses, organizations, and churches to join our efforts. Your unique ability to connect with people through your daily operations provides opportunities to connect men and women with information and resources that can rescue the unborn and strengthen entire families.

We welcome your individual and group insight and expertise. We offer the ability to provide you and your
family, employees, church members, and organizational members the following:

  • Information regarding events, training, and conferences related to pro-life topics.
  • Videos, literature, and other resources to educate, inspire, and strengthen those who support the protection of innocent human life.
  • Analysis of legislation impacting the right to life.

Annual Membership Application

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Business Membership


Includes up to ten individuals to receive member benefits. What a great way for your leadership team, ministry leaders, and other pro-life-minded members to be plugged into pro-life news and events. This allows you and your team to share information and events that best fit your particular mission.

Family Membership


Family membership includes all of your immediate/nuclear family members, regardless of the size of your family. We love big families! What a great way for your family to stay informed and engaged about issues of life. Integrate information and resources into everyday conversations and family devotions. Pray for the people and organizations that you will meet through these resources. Share age-appropriate items with your children as you see fit. Understanding the sanctity of human life begins in the family.

Individual Membership


PAFRA is so thankful that you want to join us in spreading the good news that each person is made in the image of God. It is this beautiful truth that endows us with the opportunity to use our heart, soul, mind, and strength to love our neighbor as ourselves, at any stage of development in life.

Coordinated Communications
  • PAFRA will provide communication pieces that can be used by members
    in their work. Topics may include research, videos, social media posts, or
    other helpful information. This information will likely come from fellow
    PAFRA members – iron sharpens iron.
  • To share communication email:
Legislative Advocacy
  • Pro-Life Tallahassee Days – Meet with State Senators and State Representatives at the Capitol during this 2- 3 day event with Florida Family Policy Council. This is a time to educate lawmakers about the services provided by PAFRA members to strengthen families and communities. Legislators appreciate knowing about these vital resources for their constituents and we take the time to pray for their efforts.
  • Working with partners and PAFRA members, we will share information related to relevant local, state, and federal legislation.
  • Tallahassee Days
Mission Focused Highlights
  • Provide data and research to underscore the standards of service and care provided by pregnancy centers.
  • Provide information about industry-wide trends and issues.
  • Share best practices from members.
  •  To submit an article, data, or best practices send info to:
  • Provide abortion statistics.
Preserving the Sanctity of Human Life
  • Share theology that encourages and explains the biblical viewpoint of
    human life.
  • Share scientific, medical, social, and philosophical information regarding
    the mystery and unique creation of human life.
  • Publish success stories and share videos provided by PAFRA member success stories. How lives are changed through God’s saving grace and the preservation of innocent life.
  • To submit an article, story, or other: