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Legislative Advocacy

Assist with providing informational materials to elected officials at all levels of government. This could include assistance with organizing Celebrate Life Days @ The Capitol.

Subject Matter Expert

Provide articles, videos, serve on panels, provide trainings, or provide information directly to elected officials.


Put the knowledge and skills of your major of study to work for pro-life organizations across the state of Florida. The Internship can be virtual or in person. PAFRA will work with requirements of your college or university internship program. Earn credit toward your degree while volunteering for a cause you care about.

Celebrate Life Days @ The Capitol

Preparation for this event involves a lot of work that can be done virtually. Strong administration and organization skills are required to make legislative appointments for PAFRA members during this time.


Assist PAFRA with fundraising to support its efforts.


Work with PAFRA members and pro-life allies to gather disperse data, research, events details, videos, and articles for distribution on PAFRA’s social media channels, website, and other media.